Your pork is from hogs raised on the Keith Family Farm that Susan Keith runs along with her husband Joseph. The hogs are raised on a spacious pasture with access to a large barn should they choose to get out of the elements. They are not fed any hormones or antibiotics and you'll find they taste vastly superior to any pork you’ll purchase in the grocery store.

Pork is available now. We offer pork in a couple different 20lb bundles or individually by the pound.



By the Pound


Pork Prices


Pork chops                    $8.50/lb


Loin Roast                   $7.50/lb


Spare Ribs                   $5.50/lb


Italian Sausage            $7.50/lb


Breakfast Sausage      $7.50/lb


Chorizo Sausage          $8.00/lb


Ground Pork                 $6.00/lb


 Ham                           $8.00/lb


Ham Steak                   $8.00/lb


Bacon                          $9.50/lb


Bulk options are the most economical purchasing options. But, they are only in available in October and you must order in advance. We do take pre-orders for next season. For more information on bulk orders, click here.

whole- $3.75/lb Hanging Weight

half-  $3.75/lb Hanging Weight


Pork Shares include:

6mth Pastured Beef and Pork Share for $199.50


Pork Bundles include: Printable order form