Meat Prices


On this page you will find prices, explanations of ordering options and guidelines on ordering and pickup. Please e-mail me with any additional questions.


We offer:

Six week or Six month shares

-designed for people with small freezers who still would like a constant supply of healthy, locally raised meat. You pay in advance and receive a 5 lb assortment of meat every week for 6 weeks or every month for 6 months, the assortment is different every week/month. If 5lbs is not enough, you simply order 2 shares. Instead of running seasonal shares (like vegetable growers do) you can start a share at any time. Example, instead of May through Nov. you can sign up in July and go through December.

-When you sign up for a share you dedicate yourself to being our customer for the season, providing us a secure market- a welcome measure of certainty in the fickle business of farming. We in turn, dedicate ourselves to providing you with quality, healthy meats. You can be assured that our animals are humanely raised under the best possible conditions by farmers who truly enjoy farming.


 20 lb bundles

-These are a one time pickup, you simply order again when you need more. You may also order several months in advance if you choose, to insure availability


Bulk orders

-These are whole and half animals. The most economical option, bulk orders are fully customizable. We will arrange for you to call the slaughterhouse and tell them exactly how you would like your meat cut. Bulk orders must be pre-ordered. Beef is available year round, but pork is only available in Nov. For more info on bulk ordering click here.


Individual cuts by the pound

-Several people have asked for a couple chickens or a little hamburger or 2 steaks, so we do sell by the pound. Please see each indivdual meat pages for pricing (below CSA meat info tab on the left hand side of the page) and e-mail me on the contact page (or call) for availability. For a printable copy of the individual cuts price list, click here.




A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a shared commitment between the consumer and the farmer. CSA's were originally created by vegetable farmers who, in an effort to farm without incurring debt, began asking customers if they wanted to be "investors" in their farm for a share of the produce at harvest time. They offered different share levels for large and small families and often required work in exchange for products. We've taken that model and changed it to suit our products.


Crum Creek CSA- order form

Printable order form

CSA Share Type-



# of shares

Weekly or monthly


Total Due

5lbs Beef- assorted cuts

Family of 2-3 6-8 meals




5 lbs Pork- assorted cuts

Family of 2-3 6 8 meals




2 chickens (whole)

Family of 2-3 4-6 meals





Bundles – bundles will be at least 20lbs (elk will be 10 lbs). Amount of each cut is approximate due to varying weights. We reserve the right to substitute a cut of greater or equal value in the event of a shortage. Also, price subject to change without notice.

Elk Bundles


Beef Bundles


Pork Bundles