Leather Products

Elk skin is soft and supply and makes absolutely luxurious leather products. These products are all made from the hides of our animals. They are tanned at a local tannery in Johnstown. We make most of the products ourselves, with the exception of the gloves (they are made by Bob of Bob's Taxidermy in Johnstown) and some of the moccasins (which are made by a local Amishman).

Custom orders are available for an extra 10%, please e-mail or call for details


Thinsulate lined gloves-tan color

      Thinsulate Lined  $ 48.60

      Unlined Gloves     $27.00

          (optional wool lining $4.50)

Also available in chocolate color, assorted sizes available in men's and women's


Shoulder Bags

Medium Shoulder Bags- tan color

       Medium $44.80


Large $72.80 (no photo available yet)



Assorted Change Purses

small purse with sew on frame-tan colorsmall purse with sew on frame-tan colormedium purse with toggle clasp frame-chocolate colormedium purse with toggle clasp frame-chocolate color

  starting at $12.00



Handmade Moccasins  

shearling lined moccasins-tan


available in assorted sizes- tan color only so far

Lined with genuine shearling and handstitched with rawhide



How to clean your elk leather product


Leather is a porous material; it can collect dirt and lose its shine. Always hand clean leather rather than placing it in a washing machine. It is a good idea to clean and condition new leather as well as used leather. Please note that the first time you clean and condition your leather you will change its look, but do not let the likelihood of a slight color change prevent you from taking good care of your leather. Remember, do not put leather in the dryer!!


Be sure to use cleaners made for the type of leather you are cleaning. Read labels carefully, often cleaners are for either smooth leather or suede, but not both.  Check the shoe department or a specialty shoe store for leather cleaners or an Ag supply store such as Agway or Tractor Supply.


Make sure the leather is warm before working on it. Use a soft nylon brush to remove any loose dirt. Then use a leather cleaner to remove surface dirt, I find a good quality saddle soap works well. Use a circular motion to clean and make sure you have worked up a nice foam on the sponge or soft cloth. Regularly, stop and blot with a clean, damp cloth to take off the dirt. While still damp, apply a good quality conditioner. I use mink oil. Apply carefully around decorations and be sure to wipe off excess immediately.  Leather that is conditioned will keep out water and dirt on its own. When the leather is dry give it a few gentle stretches in different directions to restore suppleness.


When cleaning suede, regularly use a suede brush to keep the nap from going flat. Brushing off dirt before it has time to work into the leather will extend the life of the leather.


For the shearling lining in moccasins, wash carefully with a non-detergent soap. Dry in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight and then condition the leather.