Elk Meat Prices

Meat is available at our on-farm store by appointment or chance (please give us a call and let us know when you are coming and we will make a point to be available) and also at the Harvest Co-op (www.mohawkharvest.org) in Gloversville. We will deliver to the co-op once a week as needed, so if you don't find what you'd like there, please let them know or call us and we will bring it over.

Tenderloin Filet         $27.00/lb
Also called filet mignon steaks! Juicy and melt in your mouth tender. Worth every penny!

NY Strip Steak          $22.00/lb
One of our best steaks!

Delmonico Steak       $20.00/lb
A popular steak, tender and tasty

Sirloin Steak       $16.50/lb
The largest steak we carry, full of flavor!

Sirloin Tip Roast       $14.50/lb
Great, flavorful roast, very economical

Eye of the Rnd Roast $17.50/lb
Larger, tender roast. Great for company!

Cube Steak        $10.25/lb
Brings cube steak to a whole new level! Not stringy or tough! Look for recipes in the recipe section.

Stew Meat        $9.75/lb
Stew is a great thing to try if you're hesitant about cooking elk. Really adds to a typical stew recipe

Kielbasa                    $13.00/lb
A new item, very popular and tasty

Breakfast Sausage     $11.00/lb
Comes in a one pound package to be crumbled and fried or added to chili or another favorite dish.

Italian Sausage          $11.00/lb
Comes in large links, not overly hot

Burger                      $9.00/lb
The better beef. May be used in any recipe that calls for beef, will cook quicker, so keep and eye on it.

Burger Patties           $9.50/lb
 Patties come 3 to a pound/package. The butcher makes them thicker to prevent overcooking. These are great for cookouts.

Elk Sticks       $4.50/pkg
 Like a slim jim, only 100% better