We have eggs again! They are in still limited in number, but starting to pick up.

So what makes our eggs different?

Well, first and foremost- The difference is in where they are raised.

Our chickens are truly free-range. They come and go as they please. The barn, where they roost at night, is open to them at all times and they find plenty of available feed in terms of the corn in our cow feed, bugs picked out of the grass outside or out of stalls and bedded packs (where are cows lay.) Our chickens are truly an asset to our farm. They are essential in managing our fly population. Since chickens love worms and bugs of all kinds they enjoy nothing more than rooting through bedding and eating fly larvae. There is a noticable difference in the amount of flies on our farm as opposed to a farm with no free range chickens. It is very common throughout the spring and summer to see a mother hen with a brood of chicks pecking around the farmyard and lawns.

How do they taste?

Great! Our eggs tend to have a different flavor than conventional eggs, because of the healthy variety in their diets. You'll notice that, especially in the spring, the yolks can be a bright orange. This is normal and shows that the chickens have been enjoying the nutrition of the great outdoors.

We hope you'll give our eggs a try! We know you'll love them!