Your pastured chickens are raised by Israel and Stacy Handy of St. Johnsville. For many years now, they have been raising egg laying hens for their own use and recently began raising meat birds as well.  Their chickens are kept in the best possible environment to make for happy hens and fantastic tasting meat.  The meat birds, which are antibiotic free, are raised on pasture, in moveable pens that are relocated to fresh grass and bugs twice a day.The result is great tasting meat!


 Chicken Bundle- 6 chickens for $90.00 (whole)


Whole chicken            $2.50/lb

We have decided to phase out the pieces (breasts and legs and thighs) and have instead lowered our prices on the roasters (whole bird.) We have a few breasts and leg quarters left and when they are gone, that will be it.


We are willing to offer fresh birds to those who want to piece their own and freeze them. You would have to pick them up the day of butchering as my cooler space is limited. We only butcher chickens in the summer, so this is a very limited chance, but we can offer it every year. E-mail or call if you are interested (see the contact page)


Breasts (2/pkg)           $5.00/lb

Legs and Thighs (2/pkg) $3 .00/lb



Chicken share: choose between weekly or monthly- 2 chickens (whole) once a week (or month) for 6 weeks (or 6 months)- $180.00 Click Here for a printable order form

Also available:

        organ meats- liver $4.00/lb