Your beef is raised by Israel and Stacy Handy of Handy Hills Farm in St. Johnsville. Both Israel and Stacy grew up on dairy farms and now own and operate the Handy family dairy farm along with Israel's Father and Uncle.  This situation allowed them to start a small herd of Holstein beef cattle.

These steers are pastured all spring, summer and fall, and in the winter are fed a diet of quality forages which Israel, his Dad and Uncle spend the summer harvesting. Our animals are not 'corn finished' but rather receive a small amount of corn as part of a balanced ration, starting when they are weaned and continuing until they are big enough for slaughter. Corn is an excellent source of energy while grass is a better source of protein. The addition of corn prevents the beef from being tough and acquiring that gamey taste common in purely grass fed cattle.

Why Holstein? 

           -Holstein beef is very sustainable. Having a dairy farm we had no use for bull calves. Now we are able to raise them from babies (knowing that they came from healthy, quality cows) and raise them as beef cattle. We've found that what goes into a steer is most important in producing a good beef animal.

          -We love it! Tender and well marbled, this beef is truly a treat! We joke that we have been spoiled, no meat in the grocery store can compare.

           -Holstein beef is leaner than traditional beef breeds: it yields 25-30% less trimmable fat than other breeds.

            -Most subprimal cuts require little or no trimming to get them down to the 1/4" trim level. Most retailers have been amazed that Holstein steers deliver 3-7% more sellable meat to consumers than traditional beef breeds.

             -Holsteins tend to marble well since fat accumlates inside the muscle intead of outside, producing tender and tasty meat.

              -Holsteins are the largest, most homogenous group of cattle in the beef industry.


Our beef is available in a variety of ways.

The most economical is a bulk order, which is a whole or half a steer and sells for $3.10/lb hanging weight. Bulk orders must be ordered in advance. For more information, click here.

Shares that feature beef include:

6 mth Pastured beef share for $195.00

Beef Bundles:

Beef Prices              

Porterhouse Steak       $12.50/lb    

T-Bone Steak              $12.00/lb            

Delmonico Steak         $13.50/lb     

Sirloin Steak               $8.50/lb     

Sirloin Tip Roast           $7.00/lb

Chuck Roast                $5.50/lb

Rump Roast                 $7.00/lb

Eye of the Rnd Roasts $8.00/lb  

London Broil                $8.00/lb

Flank Steak                  $7.50/lb

Shaved Steak               $7.00/lb

Short Ribs                    $5.50/lb

Brisket                        $5.00/lb          

Stew                            $6.50/lb                      

Cube                            $6.50/lb

Burger Patties             $6.50/lb

Burger                        $6.00/lb


I will try to keep this updated as availability and varieties change.


Beef retails cuts explained